DANCEIM STUDENTS: Have you done classes with us before? Your details may already be in our system: please try the first 3 digits of your surname and first name as your user name, or enter your email. (E.g. my user name is “WasIzz” for Izzy Washington). If you commonly use your middle name this may be the first 3 digits. If not no worries - just create a new account which you can use again later for all our classes and events.

NEW STUDENTS: Welcome! Just click on create account and follow the prompts! Use NEWBIE20FREE to get your free class as you sign up. If you’d like to just try the class first, shoot us an email to let us know you’re coming, then you can use this code to sign up afterwards if you enjoyed the class.

ONCE YOU HAVE AN ACCOUNT: You need to set up an Account and a “Registrant” - this means if you are a couple you can sign up for both of you (set up two “Registrants”) under one account. Click “pick a class” and choose your classes, add any coupons then click through to pay - easy! Any discounts will be automatically applied to your order. You will receive an email to confirm. Then you’re all set!

Please note: As this is a new system there will probably be a few little hiccups along that way - please contact us ASAP so we can get it all sorted for you! Thanks for understanding.