Private classes are a great opportunity to get a full hour of personalised instruction and feedback, and can really take your dancing to the next level.

We recommend starting private classes after you've completed one or two of our Course Blocks, and you may like to complete monthly or every 7 weeks (one each block) to really have time to consolidate your learning. Private classes can focus on getting rid of bad habits early and get you aware of your personal focuses and can make your other classes even more beneficial. 

We ensure you get the most out of your private classes by video the key points at the end of the session with some exercises tailored specifically to you to practice at home, meaning your 1 hour of a private develops into 10 hours (or more) of specific and deliberate practice designed for you to improve and work towards your personal goals.

Chat to Izzy (0408326781) regarding your dance goals and how privates may help you reach them. 

Private lessons are usually run on Saturdays between 10-2pm and on Thursdays from 6-7pm. Other times may be available, please chat to us. 

We understand private lessons are expensive, that is why we offer group privates so you can share with a friend, and also have someone to practice the content with afterwards. Pricing includes room hire and is as follows: 1-2 Students $100, 3 Students $135, 4-6 Students: $160, >6 Students $200. If you would like an additional male teacher (Steve) to work with Izzy this is $50 extra, subject to availability. (Steve also runs private lessons at a slightly lower rate. Chat to us if you would like to book).

We love teaching privates and working with students one-on-one to really see them develop. 

Step up your dancing and reach your goals.