DANCEIM is more than a dance studio, it's a community. A space away from home and work, where you can unleash, express, create, connect, laugh, learn and most importantly, move!

W H Y   D A N C E?

Can you imagine looking forward to Monday every week? That feeling of 'I actually did something for me' that comes with challenging yourself by learning something new, possibly outside your comfort zone, will make you look forward to Mondays (and Thursdays, and every day between that you can find someone to dance with.) For real! 

Train the body, improve the mind. Dance gives you great posture and core strength, with that comes an instant confidence. Believe me, you will feel it. Dance also inspires a connection to yourself and an openness, respect and humility toward others. And within that, you won't only be improving your own well-being, but your connectivity to others too!

W H Y   Z O U K?

Because it just feels so good! Director of DanceIM, Izzy Washington explains...

"When I discovered Zouk it wasn't just the look that attracted me, it was the feel. It wasn’t until I stepped into a class and tried it myself that I fell in love – and it was instant."

But what do the students say?

"I love the flowing nature of Zouk, dancing it makes me feel great."

"I love dancing, particularly Zouk because while dancing everything else fades away and only that moment exists. Dancing is like creating something beautiful and in that moment nothing else matters..."


W H Y   D A N C E  I M?


DanceIM Love Beginners!

The DanceIM crew are an energetic community of people willing to contribute to each others growth and development. We have friendly classes and we have a monthly social party where you can meet other people new to Zouk as well as chat to dancers of all levels - because we all started as beginners once!

IN THE STUDIO; where you'll start your DanceIM journey...



DanceIM Provides Room To Grow!

Train as little or as much as you like, regardless, there's a place for you here. For some of us it's enough to just work at a pace that satisfies our social and fitness requirements, but for others, we need goals – a place to aspire to.

DanceIM provides the foundation and training to achieve dance goals. (As a beginner, you may not even know those goals until you're in a class and you're hooked!)

DanceIM provides the direction and opportunities to reach dance goals. From beginner to performance level, start somewhere, but make it somewhere you can grow.

ON THE ROAD; Where your DanceIM journey can take you...


I M   T E S T I M O N I A L S

A Few Words From Current Students...

"I started Zouk with Izzy about a year ago - at first I was anxious as it was my first time receiving any kind of formal dance training! Izzy was quick to allay my fears as her classes are conducted in a comfortable and friendly environment - fellow students were also encouraging and enjoyable to learn with. The dance studio being in Carlton was also a great help in allowing me to get there quickly after work.

Izzy is the ideal dance teacher - able to easily adapt the classes to suit the skill level of the student. This is important for me as I'm constantly exposed to the reality that the next more complex move is right around the corner - this keeps me challenged but also re-assured that the person teaching is easily able to break-up even the more complex routines into manageable chunks that even dance illiterates like myself are able to learn!

Izzy's depth of knowledge also enables me to continue building on the detail of the dance - down to the precise movements. The classes give me the added benefit of being able to recognise potential flaws in my posture - Izzy able to quickly identify issues in posture, balance and core strength and gently work through them without injury - leading to a much more enjoyable dance experience !"

– Wazeem, DanceIM Zouker


I have been dancing zouk for 5 years and over this time, I have attended an extensive range of workshops and dance schools. Izzy stands out as one of the finest teachers owing to her knowledge, precision, and experience which translates in her exceptional ability to teach students at all levels. Izzy is supportive, her classes are well structured and the environment is welcoming and fun. Izzy has improved my dance technique, confidence, and strengthened my love for Zouk. 

Zouk brings me peace as my awareness is drawn to the present moment by the musicality and connection with my partner. It has brought about a space where I have the freedom to express myself through movement, which makes me feel both energised and calm. Zouk has increased my understanding of the significance of movement to physical and mental wellbeing.

- Anez Barnes, DanceIM Zouker